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Walk It Forward

Most animals live in packs. Dogs, descendants from wolves, are pack animals. Over the years they have become so attuned to their human pack, that they are able to predetermine what we need before we even realize. They are selfless, and give & love unconditionally. They open our hearts. They show us what it means to care and be cared for. It is a symbiotic union, that when both sides lean into, builds a connection unlike any other. Science says dogs are good for us, for our stress, mental, physical and emotional health. When you live with a dog, you realize it goes beyond all of that. They feed and nourish our souls. They bring us closer together, to each other, and to this one wild & precious life.

Given the selfless, beyond generous nature of dogs, we thought it only right to continue the cycle of giving. We hope to share the story of the organizations & people paying it forward in the name of dogs. It’s the humans that have taken the lessons dogs have taught them and turned it into their mission. We are simply messengers, featuring what we consider as heroes.

Each season we will share a new hero's journey, and donate 3% of sales. If you feel inclined to make an extra donation, click below. Follow us to support this cycle of Walking It Forward.