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We Are UNITED BY OUR DESIRE for a SANCTUARY to call home, where we can be with ourselves and the people we LOVE. We ARE bound to each other by THE cosmic home that we share, AND WE ENDEAVOR TO hoNOR BOTH EVERY DAY. We believe that there is beauty in the chaos and that there is nothing better than living with a dog to prove it. Dogs don’t operate on human time and they could care less about the busyness of life. They want sleep, walks, food, and attention. When we slow down to their speed we get lessons in loyalty, levity, and love. They show us how to be constant, and to never waiver from the team. They ADVISE us on how to be supremely silly and gross, and to not care what anyone thinks. They teach us how to be attuned to one another, and to sit right on someone’s lap when they are in need of connection, even if they are wearing black pants.