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Along the way, I received incredible support from my father, brother, sister, my chosen family of friends, my husband Anderson, and our son Phoenix. And I found endless strength and wisdom in my rescue dogs. First Roxie, my Yorkie who fought her way back to health. Then Nala, a soulful, skittish golden retriever-husky-chow — and finally Pandu, a gorgeous, goofy shepherd mix, joined the family.

Like me, they had been through traumas and just needed to trust the world again.

I leaned into them, and they leaned back.

Once we settled in LA, I was ready to create an intentional home for my chosen family of friends and fur. Everything I bought had a story, was carefully selected, and brought me joy—except the dog beds. Roxie’s joints had begun to ache, and she preferred sleeping on our pillows, so I bought fabric, and had the first All Walks pillow bed made.